H2 PhObic
  • H2 PhObic


    H2 PhObic: Paint Protection Sealant Spray

    H2 PhObic is what a car guy dreams about! It is super easy to apply spray sealant that last months. After spraying on H2 PhObic and using a clean microfiber towel to buff dry, your paint will be left smooth, gloss will be enhanced, and water will bead like crazy. And the best of all, your paint will stay like this for months!

    Simply Spray & Wipe To Apply!


    H2 PhObic - Innovative paint protection and restorer

    ·       Restores vehicle shine and condition

    ·       Adds a hydrophobic and protective layer

    ·       Works on painted surfaces, glass, and even plastic

    ·       Replicates the effect of Ceramic Coating

    ·       Leaves the surface with a smooth finish

    DUSK Tip:

    ·       Right after washing your car and before you wipe your car dry, spray H2 PhObic in portions directly to the paint. This will casue the Hydrophobic reaction and will leave your paint super smooth!