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  • Hydrowash


    Why is REV Hydro Wash Awesome!

    • Eco-friendly way to quickly wash your car without buckets and water
    • Advanced formulation lubricates and emulsifies dirt and dust preventing scratching in the paint or vinyl wrap.
    • Save time, money and water with HydroWash
    • Use to remove light buildup of dust and contaminants from the paint and vinyl wrap.
    • Does not streak and is easy to use. Just spray and wipe!

    How / When do you use it?

    • If your car is dusty, HydroWash will make it look like it’s just been washed.
    • Simply spray on the surface of the vehicle, can work on wheels, painted surfaces, windows and mirrors.
    • For really dirty cars it is suggested that you let it soak for up to 60 seconds
    • All you need is some super plush microfiber towels to complete the job. Like our Towely and SuperT window towels!
    • Perfect for Vinyl wrap, Ceramic Coated cars and paint.
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