Hyper Clean Special 15% OFF!
  • Hyper Clean Special 15% OFF!

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    Hyper Clean - Quick and easy waterless wash

    ·       Wash your car in minutes with Hyper Clean while conserving water

    ·       Will not scratch or cause harm to your paint.

    ·       Does not leave streaks

    ·       Safe on paint and vinyl wrap

    ·       Made in the U.S.A

    Dusk Tip

    ·       Safe for all paints and vinyl wrap, especially matte

    ·       For dirtier cars, allow it to soak up to 60 seconds to allow it to remove dirt.

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      Hyper Clean is the ultimate car wash in a bottle. Hyper Clean is formulated to remove contaminants and dirt right off the vehicle's paint. Spray on and watch as the dirt is trapped and lifted right off the paint. One of the most advanced quick detailer / waterless wash on the planet. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly and quick way to wash your vehicle, Hydro Wash is the product you’ll need. Leaving behind a streak-free and glossy finish that makes everyone think you just washed your car.