Serum X
  • Serum X


    SerumX is our innovative and advanced quick detailer. Utilizing ingenious formulation, SerumX sprays on yellow and becomes Neon Green, when it is ready to be wiped off. The Neon Green chemical signifies that micro debris and harmful dust is lifted off the paint and it is safe to wipe off.


    Why is SerumX AWESOME?

    • Patented technology that's only available here!
    • Easy to use, just spray on, let sit and wipe
    • Safe to use on black color paint and even vinyl wraps
    • Will not harm paint or cause scratches
    • Perfect for Vinyl wrap, Ceramic Coated cars and paint.



    1. Spray SerumX directly onto each panel of the vehicle.

    2. Watch as SerumX react and change color as it works its way into the paint to lift up dirt and grime.

    4. Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, spread product.

    3. Flip towel over and buff dry.

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